Our Favorite Recipes

Bring California's bounty to your table in new and exciting ways!

Here are some of our most popular recipes to inspire your menus.
They’re quick and nutritious using delicious fresh-from-the-farm fruits, vegetables, greens and nuts.

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Kabocha Squash Pie
03 HR 01 MINS

This delicious seasonal pie can be made with any kind of winter squash or pumpkin purée.

Brown Rice Mandarin Salad
01 HR 10 MINS

Golden Nugget, a seedless mandarin hybrid with a bumpy peel and lighter orange color, was the inspiration for this salad. We combined this juicy mandarin with rice and nuts, to make a healthy and satisfying rice salad.

Sautéed Gai Lan
00 HR 35 MINS

Gai lan, or Chinese broccoli, has a lovely, mildly bitter, taste that's perfect when sauteed.

Kale Chips
00 HR 20 MINS

Let the healthy snacking begin! Kale chips are fantastic for a low-carb munchie, and so very good for you, too.

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