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Hughson , CA
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37.6015375, -120.8590723

In 1997 we, the Ramos family, began farming with 20 acres of cling peaches. A year later we expanded to a variety of other orchard crops.

As the years progressed, we increased our acreage, planted a variety of other fruit and nut trees. We now have 350 acres in Hughson. The family began to work at the local farmers markets in the Bay Area with the focus on many varieties of fruit. We are not organic, but we do not use pesticides on our trees.

Today we are well-known in farmers' markets throughout the Bay Area. With cherries and apricots in the spring; peaches, nectarines, watermelon, and tomatoes in the summer; grapes and persimmons in the fall, and citrus in the winter, we have all the seasons covered for your fruit needs throughout the year.

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