Thank you for your interest in selling with Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association (PCFMA)!

PCFMA operates California Certified Farmers' Markets, which means that you have the opportunity to sell what you grow or produce directly to the public. The success of our thriving community markets depends on the farmers and food that we support as a part of our mission.

If you are new to PCFMA and wish to sell or to perform music at a PCFMA farmers' market, please complete the Interest Form. If your product is a good fit for our markets, you will be emailed an application.

If you have participated in any PCFMA markets in 2018, a custom link to your application for 2019 has been emailed to you (see the FAQ section for details).  Application fees and due dates have changed, please review the FAQ section below.

Completing the application requires you to attest that you have read, understood, and will comply with the PCFMA Rules and Regulations including PCFMA's farm inspection program.

After we receive your completed application, a status letter will be sent within three weeks indicating which markets you can attend in 2019.  We strongly encourage you to contact the appropriate market manager first if you wish to attend a market that you did not participate in last year. You can look up the market you are interested in on our website to see who is operating it.

We look forward to working with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept applications for agricultural products from California Certified Agricultural Producers and applications for non-agricultural products from local entrepreneurs preparing specialty food products. Wine, beer and artisanal crafts are accepted under certain conditions.

All of the products you plan to sell at a PCFMA farmers' market must be grown or produced in California via the agricultural arts. Agricultural products fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, dairy, shell eggs, honey, pollen, unprocessed bees wax, propolis, royal jelly, flowers, grains, nursery stock, raw sheared wool, livestock meats, poultry meats, rabbit meats, and fish, including shellfish that is produced under controlled conditions in waters located in California. To sell these products you must be a Certified Agricultural producer.  Contact your home county's Agricultural Commissioner if you need to get certified. All agricultural producers must agree to PCFMA's Rules and Regulations and comply with PCFMA's farm inspection program.

All PCFMA farmers' markets have a separate designated area for non-agricultural food items such as baked goods, specialty or ethnic foods, or ready-to-eat foods. In keeping with the spirit of farmers' markets you must be actively involved in the preparation of these products yourself. These food products must be produced in a certified kitchen in accordance with the California Retail Food Code. You will need to obtain a county health permit, following these steps, for the markets that you are allowed to attend. All non-agricultural producers must agree to PCFMA's Rules and Regulations.

This is a non-refundable processing fee in the amount of $200. Returning producers who submit a completed application by January 11, 2019, will receive a $50 discount on their application fee. Please note that submitting your application and paying this fee is not a guarantee that we will be able to reserve you in any of our markets.

Note: If applying with a second agriculture certificate, you will be charged an additional $100.

Stall fees are based on the number of 10’ x 10’ booth spaces you use at particular market. Market managers collect them at the end of each market day for your convenience.


Tier 1 Farmers' Markets

Tier 2 Farmers' Markets

Agricultural Off Season
+ $35/ market day for 2nd Agricultural Certificate
+ $35/ market day for 2nd Agricultural Certificate

Agricultural Peak Season

+ $35/ market day for 2nd Agricultural Certificate

+ $35/ market day for 2nd Agricultural Certificate

Non-agricultural (Pre-packaged) Off Season (Dec-Mar) $45 $53
Non-agricultural (Pre-packaged) Peak Season (Apr-Nov) $55 $65
Non-Agricultural (On-site Processing) Off Season (Dec-Mar) $55 $63
Non-Agricultural (On-site Processing) Peak Season (Apr-Nov) $65 $73
Artisans (Non-food Products) Off Season (Dec-Mar) $30 $30

Artisans (Non-food Products) Peak Season (Apr-Nov)



In addition to the stall fees, all producers are required to pay to PCFMA the state-mandated fee of $2.00 per market day. This fee is transferred directly to the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

We understand there may be times you’re short staffed have family obligations or simply don’t feel well. We ask for at least 48 hours advance notice when you are unable to attend a market so that we can make the necessary adjustments and continue to create the best market experiences for customers. Producers who do not provide proper notification will be charged a “no-show” fee equivalent to the stall fee.

PCFMA vendors need to have general liability insurance with minimum coverage of $1,000,000. You must also name Pacific Coast Farmers' Market Association as an additional insured on the general liability insurance policy. The proof of insurance you send to PCFMA must include the listing of PCFMA as an additional insured. New vendors may wait to receive their market status letter before submitting proof of insurance.

All non-agricultural food products must come from a certified kitchen. While California law allows the limited sale of food products manufactured in a home kitchen per the California Homemade Food Act (AB 1616), we do not currently admit those products from non-agricultural producers in our markets. However, adding them is under consideration and we’re happy to give you a heads-up if it happens. Please email us to be added to our mailing list.

Perfectly paired foods and wines are one of the great pleasures in life and we're welcoming more California wineries to our markets. Wine sales and wine sampling are allowed in select PCFMA farmers' markets.

Please note that only California wineries are permitted to sell their wines at Certified Farmers'. They must bottle these wines and make them entirely from grapes or other agricultural products that they grow themselves. Hard cider is subject to the same requirements as wine.

The micro-breweries and delicious small-batch beers continue to gain in popularity. In keeping with our mission, PCFMA allows beer sales and samples in certain farmers' markets if the brewery can demonstrate that portions of the harvested ingredients are grown in California.

You'll need a Farmers' Market Sales Permit (Type 79). California Alcoholic Beverage Commission to sell either beer or wine.

Please contact our Regional Manager Greg Pursley for information about selling beer or wine in our farmers' markets.

Crafts, jewelry, and other handmade artisan items may be sold at our Saturday markets in Brentwood, Clayton, Martinez, and Pittsburg. Space is limited and not guaranteed by filling out an Artisan Application.

Returning producers must submit their application by February 5, 2019 to ensure they can continue attending markets. Returning producers that do not submit their application by this date will not be able to attend markets after February 6, 2019 without a renewed application, and could lose their reservation at markets that they participated in during the previous year as a result.

We except interest forms throughout the year, but we encourage new producers to submit their forms between December and February. If there is an opportunity for a new producer to attend a market, we will send them an application to complete.

If you wish to perform music at our farmers' markets, please fill out the musician interest form.  Be sure to include a link to a sample your music.  If we think your sound would be a good fit in our markets, we will contact you to coordinate performing dates for the markets you select.