Our Favorite Recipes

Bring California's bounty to your table in new and exciting ways!

Here are some of our most popular recipes to inspire your menus.
They’re quick and nutritious using delicious fresh-from-the-farm fruits, vegetables, greens and nuts.

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Grilled Little Gem Lettuce with Grilled Meyer Lemon Dressing
00 HR 00 MINS

Easy and delicious, this recipe is sure to be one of your favorites for summer grilling.

Mushroom Pizza Bites
08 HR 16 MINS

Fun stuffed pizza bites everyone can eat! Easy to prepare, too.

Blueberry Lemonade with Mint
00 HR 20 MINS

A refreshing way to use spring blueberries.

Pain Perdu with Berries
00 HR 30 MINS

Have you ever wondered what the French call French toast?

Strawberry Chard Salad
00 HR 15 MINS

A sweet and easy salad, great for a quick refreshing starter.

Stuffed Winter Squash
01 HR 10 MINS
SERVES 2 to 4

Stuffed Winter Squash is a tasty way to enjoy one of Autumn's best vegetables. This hearty stuffed version is full of flavor and texture.

Grilled Peach Gazpacho
04 HR 00 MINS

Keep the cooking outside of the house and enjoy cool, fresh flavors in the heat of summer.

Fig & Farro Salad
01 HR 10 MINS

This sweet and savory salad makes a great cold side or easy meal. Make when your kitchen is cool and enjoy warm or cold.

More Recipes