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The history of the Lloyd Stueve family is rooted in agriculture. About four generations ago his ancestors arrived from Germany. They came here as Germans but became American farmers in their communities. Beginning in 1839, on a farm in Missouri, the Stueves learned to clear thick forests so they could cultivate, plant and raise cows, chickens and pigs, using plow horses to do much of the work. Later, many of Lloyds fathers generation, Harold J.J. Stueve, followed him and his two uncles, Elmer and Ed to southern California to establish one of the countrys largest family-owned dairy farms, Alta-Dena Dairy.

Today, the Lloyd Stueve family is continuing the farming tradition in the Central Valley of California. His family works hard to produce quality, healthy, organic products for consumption. These products are produced on their Certified Organic farm with emphasis on organic milk, beef, eggs, and olive oil. The cows, chickens and beef animals all graze on the pastures this farm encompasses bringing omega 3s, CLAs, non-GMO qualities to the foods.

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