Microgreens Slaw

Learn how to make tasty, healthy Microgreens Coleslaw using fresh microgreens, grown only 15 minutes from our kitchen! We will use certified-organic microgreen blends for this recipe, produced exclusively by Super Duper Microgreens and sold locally at the farmers’ market!

Oliver Gayo, owner and farmer of Super Duper Microgreens, has been growing more than 15 different varieties of microgreens since he first started his business in Spring of 2020. Located in Hercules, CA - Super Duper Microgreens specializes in crafting unique mixes that are designed to highlight the plethora of distinct flavors and nutrients found in different microgreens.

This recipe is delicious and simple - add your tasty coleslaw to a fresh chicken sandwich, or serve it as a stand-alone side at your next BBQ!

To learn more about Super Duper Microgreens, check out their farm video