Becoming a California Bee Keeper: Miss Bee Haven Honey

Meet Kelly Knapp, the founder, and head beekeeper at Miss Bee Haven Honey. Beyond the Market team met up with Kelly at Frog Hollow Farms this spring to learn how she switched career paths and became a full-time beekeeper, selling honey at her local farmers’ markets. Located in Brentwood - a small Northern California town known for its agricultural roots - Miss Bee Haven produces delicious, pure honey that is never mixed or heated.

Kelly’s mission is to raise bees for the future, and help empower other female beekeepers along the way! “This is a very male dominant industry, but there’s a lot of women where we’re starting to change that.” In addition to multiple honey varieties, Kelly also crafts beeswax lip balms, bath soaps, candles, and more.

Learn more about pollination, honey production, and what it takes to manage 250 beehives in this installment of Beyond the Market!

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