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Winter Squash Winter squash is now being harvested and available at your farmers’ market. The crops are very good, and the varieties are amazing! This tasty seasonal squash is often thought of as just...
Vegetarian Stuffing
01 HR 15 MINS
SERVES 4 to 6

This savory stuffing with the mellow flavors of onions, and herbs is sure to become a family favorite.

Creamy Kabocha Soup
00 HR 45 MINS

This soup is perfect to bring in the fall season with its creamy warmth.

Spaghetti Squash & Gruyere Cheese
00 HR 40 MINS

Spaghetti squash is a hard-skinned winter squash with a mild, slightly sweet squash flavor and great texture.

Stuffed Winter Squash
01 HR 10 MINS
SERVES 2 to 4

Stuffed Winter Squash is a tasty way to enjoy one of Autumn's best vegetables. This hearty stuffed version is full of flavor and texture.

Mushroom Couscous Salad
01 HR 05 MINS

Try this delicious hearty winter salad with flavorful squash, greens, and grains.

Pork & Kabocha Squash
01 HR 30 MINS

This traditional Hmong dish is simple and packed with early fall flavors!

Kabocha Squash & Peanut Soup
01 HR 05 MINS

A fresh warming soup - the flavors of fall with kabocha squash and crunchy peanuts.

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