It’s the Year of the Dragon! On February 10, 2024 the Lunar New Year begins and is celebrated for 14 days. It’s a time to welcome longevity, wealth, and prosperity to your life and to eliminate any...
Rosemary Roasted Hasselback Asian Pears
01 HR 45 MINS

This recipe uses a favorite fall fruit, the Asian Pear, to make a dish that’s sure to impress your dinner guests this holiday season.

Vegetarian Stuffing
01 HR 15 MINS
SERVES 4 to 6

This savory stuffing with the mellow flavors of onions, and herbs is sure to become a family favorite.

holiday closures
The holidays are a time to bring family and friends together, celebrate, enjoy each other’s company, and acknowledge with gratitude for the past year and hope for the new one ahead. Our farmers’...
Honey (2)
Need a year filled with luck and prosperity? Stock up on lucky foods from the farmers’ market! Certain foods are considered very lucky during the Lunar New Year. Whether you desire prosperity, health...
Holiday customs in California are as diverse as its population. Many wonderful and eclectic food traditions have been brought to our shores and incorporated into our everyday lives from people around...
Mia's Potato Latkes
00 HR 45 MINS
SERVES 4 to 6

Traditional Hanukkah fare, these are good all year long!

Bautista - corn
This year, 2021, has given us so much to be thankful for. Coming off the heels of 2020, this year has reminded us how vital positive human connection is. Our PCFMA team was able to come back to the...
sweet potato fries
This Thanksgiving, take a break from your traditional recipes and change it up with some new and interesting side dishes to serve with the big bird. Yes, it’s nice to enjoy favorite dishes that have...
MarElla Honey Bees
The season is upon us. The gift list is long, the to-do list even longer. Your farmers’ market can help with meal ingredients, easy, ready-made meals during this busy time. The market can even take...