Our Favorite Recipes

Bring California's bounty to your table in new and exciting ways!

Here are some of our most popular recipes to inspire your menus.
They’re quick and nutritious using delicious fresh-from-the-farm fruits, vegetables, greens and nuts.

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Oven Sundried Tomatoes
05 HR 20 MINS
SERVES 4 to 6

These taste way better than store-bought, maintaining their sweet and tangy flavor for use in salads, pastas, risotto, and more.

Squash Blossom Quesadillas
00 HR 30 MINS

This quick and easy recipe will satisfy your desire for Mexican food, while offering unique flavor and a healthier version of quesadillas.

Taro Root Fries
01 HR 05 MINS

This healthier version of French fries is crisp, crunchy, and with a sweet, natural nuttiness. Dig in!

Avocado Ice Cream
03 HR 35 MINS
SERVES 4 to 6

Who knew you could make ice cream with avocados? This ice cream is so good you'll be back for more!

Savory Melon Salad
00 HR 30 MINS

Refreshing, light, savory, and sweet - the perfect summer salad!

Zoodles with Tomatoes & Herbs
00 HR 55 MINS
SERVES 3 to 4

This salad is easy and delicious as well as pretty to look at!

Curried Summer Squash Soup
01 HR 05 MINS

Curry adds a wonderful flavor when combined with summer squash. It's a mild and warming bowl of goodness!

Wine & Cheese Green Beans with Mushrooms & Onions
01 HR 05 MINS
SERVES 6 to 8

A very fresh and tasty twist on the old green bean casserole favorite!

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