Meet Jilma Lujan, owner of Lujan Farms . Located in Hughson, California, Lujan Farms has specialized in growing diverse seasonal fruits since 1998.  After moving to California from Mexico as a teenager, Jilma worked in the Monterey Canneries - it was during this time she met Lucio. The two quickly
Cherries Due at Market in Early May Growing cherries requires a lot of patience, constant vigilance, and hard work to bring in a successful and abundant crop to market. The work of pruning, watering...
Stone Fruit Simple Syrup
00 HR 20 MINS

Add some stone fruit flavor to your favorite summer drink with this easy recipe.

Summer Stone Fruit Sangria
00 HR 00 MINS

Put your feet up, sit on the back patio, and fill yourself a chilled glass of this delicious sangria.

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