Farmers’ market hack! Did you know you can make natural sweetener at home using jujubes? Also known as red dates, or Chinese dates, jujubes are small tree fruit that was brought to the United States from Asia in 1908. They grow on a tree and have a small pit inside, like cherries, and have a soft
A sweet delight that’s fun to make with the whole family, try our delicious recipe for farmers’ market Apple Fritters! We’re putting a healthier spin on these yummy breakfast treats by oven baking them for a light, fluffy donut without the fryer. Chef Andrew tries a few different apple varieties on
Today we’re putting our farmers’ market twist on the traditional Mexican dish, Salsa Verde . Salsa Verde is beloved for its bold flavor and unique color, both of which can be attributed to the complexity of its key ingredient: tomatillos! Don’t be fooled by their name, tomatillos are not “little
Want to put some heat in your dish? Try making yourself some spicy Homemade Sriracha with our Beyond the Market recipe! Using both Fresno and Thai chilies from the farmers’ market, you can customize the spice level to your liking and blend a sauce that packs a bigger punch than the brand name
Fresh Sriracha Hot Sauce
00 HR 10 MINS
SERVES 6 to 8

Make your own version of this tasty hot sauce, good enough to put on everything!

Swiss Fondue
00 HR 55 MINS

Swiss fondue holds the mystique of very complicated cookery yet this subtle flavored delicacy is created from simple ingredients.

Party Platter
Meat, cheese, pickles, bread, and sweets. Party platters have always been a crowd pleaser, and a fan favorite of the home chef for special events. The farmers market has everything you need to get...
pitting cherries
Cherries are coming into season, but removing the pits from these luscious sweet beauties can be a messy and tedious chore. We’ve found several ways you can pit them fairly easily and quickly...

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