How to Pit Cherries

Posted May 24, 2021

Cherries are coming into season, but removing the pits from these luscious sweet beauties can be a messy and tedious chore. We’ve found several ways you can pit them fairly easily and quickly, whatever the variety or quantity.

First, wash cherries and remove the stems. Then try one of these methods for removing the pits:

  1. Get yourself a cherry pitter. They’re relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Just place the cherry in the pitter and press down to pop the cherry pit out.
  2. Use a knife. Using the side of a paring knife, press down gently but firmly until you feel the cherry give way slightly. This helps loosen the pit. Do not press too hard or crush the cherry. Make a cut from top to bottom along one side of the cherry. Gently pull/twist on either side of the cut to expose the pit and use your fingers to remove it. Be careful using this method with a sharp knife.
  3. Use a clean paperclip. Unfold the paper clip so you have a hook on both ends. Insert one end into the cherry and dig around until you can pop out the pit.
  4. Use a chopstick. Poke through cherries to remove the pit. This method is easiest when placing the cherry on the mouth of a soda bottle – the seed will drop into the bottle.

There you have it. Try one of these simple methods for removing the cherry pit and soon you will have a bowlful to make a cherry pie, cheery preserves, or a sweet cherry sauce or topping.