Fennel & Cara Cara Orange Salad
00 HR 45 MINS

This takes the traditional citrus and red onion salad up a level with the addition of anise-flavored fennel and pistachios.

Iacopi Farms Bean Salad
01 HR 15 MINS

This salad is fresh and snappy any time of year in California! Made with Iacopi’s Italian Butter Beans.

Brown Rice Mandarin Salad
01 HR 10 MINS

Golden Nugget, a seedless mandarin hybrid with a bumpy peel and lighter orange color, was the inspiration for this salad. We combined this juicy mandarin with rice and nuts, to make a healthy and satisfying rice salad.

Barbara Cecchini’s Beet Salad
00 HR 25 MINS
SERVES 4 - 6

This salad is as easy as it is delicious! Try it with different types of beets for optimal results.

Arugula & Pear Salad
00 HR 30 MINS

This beautiful fall salad will delight the senses! For best results, use California hazelnuts from a California Certified farmers’ market.

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