Learn more about Medina Berry Farms in this Beyond the Market feature! When Pedro and Angelica Medina first immigrated to the United States from Mexico in the 1970s, they began working in the fields for a commercial berry grower here in Watsonville, California. After helping the couple to gain their
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Dear Deb: I just bought some beautiful berries at the farmers’ market. How do I keep them from going bad before I can eat them all? - Monica G. Pinole Great timing Monica, the berries are so good...
Frozen Yogurt Berry Bites
02 HR 10 MINS

Cool and easy! Great for the kids to make!

Medina Berry Farm
We arrived at Medina Berry Farms on a gray, misty morning in Watsonville earlier this month, ready to learn and film the process of growing organic strawberries. We anticipated a long day of rain...
Strawberry Chard Salad
00 HR 15 MINS

A sweet and easy salad, great for a quick refreshing starter.

Whipped Ricotta with Honey and Berries
00 HR 15 MINS

Ricotta and fresh sweet berries are a great combination.

Cherry Berry Jam
01 HR 30 MINS
SERVES 6-7 jars

This lowered sugar jam lets the flavor of the fruit come through.

Strawberry Lemonade
01 HR 45 MINS

A refreshing mix of tart and sweet.

Homage Strawberry Lemonade
00 HR 40 MINS

Chef and co-owner Tim Hammack of Homage Restaurant in Martinez offers his take on a brightly flavored summer drink.

4th of July Berry Pops
02 HR 10 MINS

Cool down on a hot summer day with these fresh berry treats. They're full of very berry flavor and no sugar!