On any given Sunday at the Martinez Farmers’ Market, you’ll see a long line of people waiting to purchase nectarines, peaches, grapes, or Cara Cara oranges from Ken’s - but it’s not only the tasty fruit that draws a crowd, it’s the friendly faces behind the booth. Ken Lee runs his business like a
It’s the Year of the Dragon! On February 10, 2024 the Lunar New Year begins and is celebrated for 14 days. It’s a time to welcome longevity, wealth, and prosperity to your life and to eliminate any...
Jan Harvest Headline
It’s citrus season and this year the weather has been perfect for this California fruit. With a strong market for oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit, farmers are continually working to get citrus to...
Mushroom Tacos with Citrus Salsa
01 HR 35 MINS

Savory, tangy, and vegetarian tacos so good you'll ask for seconds!

Pomelos (1)
The season for citrus is here, and in California, that means a chorus of quintessential, show-stopping fruit, from itty-bitty kumquats, tangy lemons, and red-fleshed blood oranges, to easy-peel...
Tony's Ceviche
08 HR 15 MINS

This light and delicious ceviche comes to us from Tony Salcido, a PCFMA staff member.

Oranges (1)
Citrus has a long history in the state of California - 2019 marked the 250th anniversary of citrus’ arrival in the Golden State. Brought to these shores by Spanish missionaries, Valencia oranges were...