In this installment of Beyond the Market, learn about Stepladder Ranch & Creamery and their delicious varieties of goat's milk cheeses. Located just minutes from scenic Highway 1, nestled in the gorgeous coastal valley of Cambria, California, Stepladder Ranch & Creamery raises a small herd of La
Have some fun with our chefs as we discover who makes the best pizza at PCFMA! Using Stepladder Creamery’s Lumberjack and Big Sur Brie cheeses, Andrew and Jacob get creative with fresh ingredients from our local to make a quick air fryer pizza . Who’s pizza will be the best? Watch to find out
Mushroom Pizza Bites
02 HR 30 MINS

Fun stuffed pizza bites everyone can eat! Easy to prepare, too.

Farmers' Market Air Fryer Pizza
00 HR 30 MINS

Have some fun with our chefs as we discover who makes the best pizza at PCFMA.

Risotto with Peas & Pancetta
01 HR 10 MINS
SERVES 4 to 6

A lovely, light spring side dish or main course.

Cheesy Herbed Beer Bread
01 HR 05 MINS
SERVES 8 Slices

This rustic quick bread uses the yeast in beer to make it rise.

Who doesn’t love a good artisanal cheese? If you’re looking for a creamy blue cheese, a sharp crumbly cheddar, or a soft tangy goat cheese, you’re in the right state! California is well known for its...
Swiss Fondue
00 HR 55 MINS

Swiss fondue holds the mystique of very complicated cookery yet this subtle flavored delicacy is created from simple ingredients.

Curried Rainbow Carrots
01 HR 00 MINS

Find beautiful rainbow carrots at your farmers' market and roast them with this tasty sauce, adjustable to your liking.

Zucchini Breakfast Keto Muffin
01 HR 05 MINS

Delicious, quick, and tasty, you'll never know their keto!