JuJue Purée

Jujube PureeFarmers’ market hack! Did you know you can make natural sweetener at home using jujubes? Also known as red dates, or Chinese dates, jujubes are small tree fruit that was brought to the United States from Asia in 1908. They grow on a tree and have a small pit inside, like cherries, and have a soft crunchy texture similar to apples, with a subtle sweet date flavor. 

Today we’re going to be making a jujube purée that can be used as a sugar substitute in many recipes, like cakes, cookies, and smoothies! Keep your puree in the freezer for up to 3 months to use as needed, or use it right away to sweeten up your breakfasts or desserts. 

Watch PCFMA’s Chef Andrew build a seasonal breakfast parfait with all fresh ingredients from our local farmers’ market, featuring Asian pears, persimmons, and locally made almond butter. 

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