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Clayton , CA
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The Hanson family has been raising animals since 1978 when they started out with a passel of pigs. They added sheep and goats when they moved to Clayton in 1999 because they wanted to know what they were eating and did not want any preservatives or chemicals in their food source, especially while raising children.

They feel it is very important for everyone to understand that meat does not come wrapped in the plastic like you see at the grocery store. The children also have to realize that the animals have to be treated and cared for kindly.

Sheep and goats remain their main focus, but they also have pigs, horses, chickens, and ducks. Their animals are born, raised, and pastured on the ranch in Clayton, fed a diet that is healthy and wholesome with no antibiotics, no hormones, and no growth enhancers. The sheep are Dorsets, who have a high meat-to-bone ratio; the goats are meat goats; and the pigs are Berkshires, a heritage breed known to the Japanese as Kurobuta, and offering higher marbling in the meat for extra flavor.

They offer sausages, pepperoni, and teriyaki goat sticks, very popular items with local customers! If you need a different cut or grind of meat they will take special custom orders.

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