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San Jose , CA
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Ibrahim traveled the world, experiencing all kinds of different cultures and foods before realizing what his calling in life was. His family always cooked meals made with fresh, local ingredients, and that part of his culture influenced him to start this business.

They specialize in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. Their recipes come from generations of history and family in Turkey and Greece, passed down to them. Their food is made in small batches and cooked from the heart. The falafel and gyro sandwiches are classic favorites, and they also have soups, dolmas, and baklava. They source as many items as possible from the farmers' market, including parsley, mint, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Since starting at farmers' markets, they've moved on to own a food truck and expanded to catering at events as well. Farmers' markets remain a pillar of their business, and they are grateful to their customers for their success.

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