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Turlock , CA
  • Cipponeri Family Farms
  • Cipponeri Family Farms

Sebastian Cipponeri's grandparents passed along to his mother and father a love for the land, and a passion for producing some of the finest produce in the area. His parents, along with his dad's family, opened their first fruit stand in 1976. In 1992 Sebastian's wife Dena and he opened a stand of their own in Turkock. His dad impressed upon him the importance of hard work and high standards. He said that if you produce a high quality product it will sell itself, but you have to earn the trust of every customer.

Times have changed since his grandfather's day. There are more legislative hurdles, environmental issues, and urban sprawl, making it harder for family farms to survive. As a farmer, the environment and the land they work is their greatest source and they do everything they can to protect it.

They grow over 70 different varieties of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, making it a year-round operation. People ask why, in spite of all this, that he still chooses to farm. The answer is simple - a farmer is who he is, who he was raised to be. A farmer who takes pride in his work the way his father and grandfather did, and the way he's teaching his son to be.

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