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Fremont , CA
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It's been a while since they delivered their first order. They have expanded their service from pre-order only delivery to on-demand delivery and catering. Their central kitchen is located in Fremont.

What is a bao you ask? It is a delicious, warm, fluffy treat of stuffing wrapped inside a sweet, white dough. Made with a mix of flour, yeast, sugar, baking powder, milk and oil, the bao is a tad sweeter than its closely related cousin, the dumpling. It is a type of filled bun or bread-like dumpling that originates from Chinese cuisines.

BunBao's goal is to deliver fresh, quality, wholesome bao buns that are handcrafted from scratch. They aim to make the best baos in the US and create bao flavors with both local and exotic ingredients, traditional and Michelin starred influences.