Goldrush Bay Area Honey

Vallejo , CA
  • Goldrush Bay Area Honey
  • Goldrush Bay Area Honey

They are a small Bay Area honey company that produces honey, honeycomb, and pollen from hives around the Bay. Their colonies are placed in specially selected locations that will provide their bees with shelter, ample forage, and water sources. This gives each colony the best possible chance to thrive, thus creating a strong healthy hive that produces exceptional tasting honey that varies greatly in taste, texture, and color as the seasons change (eucalyptus, star thistle, blackberry, and toyon) to name a few.

The queens are hand raised on their farm from healthy genetic gene pools to produce colonies that are strong and of good temperament. The colonies are all hand-managed with no chemicals or pesticides. They harvest the honey in small batches and it is extracted and lightly filtered to produce their raw honey. This ensures that the honey in their bottles is as nature intended.

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