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Valley Center , CA
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Bernard harvests their fruit year-round and pick everything by hand. There is nothing like pulling a crop off the trees and taking it to the market. The satisfaction comes when they personally talk to the people enjoying their produce. Farming has been an important part of their lives for quite some time. Having grown up on a dairy, they couldn't live in a tract home once they began their family, so they decided to buy an orchard.

They attend eight farmers' markets during the season with the help of family members and two employees. They say the best part of attending markets is interacting with customers and talking to them about their citrus and farming methods. They're extremely proud of their produce and grow fruit with superior flavor and sweetness. They take pride in their farming methods and have never sprayed a pesticide on any of their trees. Instead, they release beneficial insects to help control scale, thrips, and mites.

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