Carrot & Avocado Salad

Main Ingredient
Recipe Seasonality
Fall, Summer, Winter, Spring

• 1 tablespoon tahini
• 2 tablespoons boiling water
• 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
• 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
• 2 scallion, roots and dark greens trimmed, thinly sliced
• 3/4 pound carrots, sliced thin on a diagonal, or peeled for carrot “noodles”
• 2 tablespoons roughly chopped fresh cilantro (optional)
• 2 teaspoons toasted sesame seeds
• 1 ripe avocado
• Salt


Whisk together tahini, boiling water, olive oil, and lemon juice. Season to
taste with salt. Transfer dressing to a pouring cup and use the bowl to season
and serve the salad.

Wash vegetables, including the avocado. Thinly slice, or peel carrots into
strands. Toss the carrots in 1/2 of your dressing.

Cut open and pit your avocado. Then season generously with salt.
Scoop chunks of the avocado and place on top of the carrots. Sprinkle with
scallions, toasted sesame seed, and cilantro. Drizzle with remaining dressing
and enjoy!

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