Dear Deb - April 2023

Posted March 31, 2023

Dear Deb: Where do I find a farmers’ market closest to me? How do I know which vendors will be at the market? Hours and days of the markets? - Helen K. from Alameda

Answer: These are perfect questions for this time of year because our seasonal markets are beginning to open! PCFMA has many farmers’ markets that are open year-round, rain or shine, but there’s excitement in the air right now for those markets getting ready to open in the next two months. It’s like spring’s rebirth for farmers and customers alike! 

As we await new seasonal spring produce to arrive and seasonal farmers and other purveyors to return to the markets, we make sure that all this information is in one easy-to-find location – our website! The best place to find the information you need is at where you can find a full list of markets, the days of the week they’re open, their location, and hours of operation. There’s also a list of attendees that will be there for the current week. 

Where do I find a farmers’ market closest to me? Hours and days of the market? 
There is a complete list of all the farmers’ markets we operate under the “Visit” tab on the home page, along with a list of the farmers that attend our markets. The market listings have times, dates, and locations of our markets as well as corresponding maps. We also include who the Market Manager is and the Facebook and Instagram links. How easy is that! Find your closest location on the map, and voila! You’ve got your market!  

How do I know which vendors will be at the market? 
Under each market listing, scroll down to find the farmer/purveyor that is attending your market that week. We make every effort to provide you with correct and current information on farmer/purveyor attendance but cannot foresee last-minute changes. Just like anyone else, farmers can run into problems like car trouble, weather constraints, or even a lack of produce to sell. You’ll even be able to see how far each producer has to travel to get to your market on the market page. 

Additional information on our website includes material on what a Certified Farmers’ Market is, and under our "Eat" tab you'll find some tasty recipes, interesting blog posts, and a section called “Beyond the Market,” a fun video series that includes our tours to local farms as well as cooking demonstrations for delicious recipes. There’s also a section that includes what produce is in season so you know what to look for at your favorite market. 

There you have it – all the farmers’ market information you could want, all in one place. Be sure to visit and have a look around. You’ll find loads of fun and interesting information while you’re there!

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