Spring Means Return of Seasonal Markets!

Posted March 21, 2022

Pollen floating on a warm breeze in the afternoon and a couple of extra hours of sunshine in the evening are all sure signs that winter is coming to a close and spring is in the air! At PCFMA, spring means that we are finally able to reunite communities across the Bay Area with their neighbors, local businesses, and of course, California farmers. This year we may be more excited than ever to bring the sounds of live music, the smells of delicious hot meals, kettle corn, and the flavors of California’s best agricultural offerings back to you! Here’s a full list of beloved seasonal markets returning to their roots, and what to expect this year: 
Berryessa Farmers' Market Opens 4/2/22 
Saturdays, 9am – 1pm, 1376 Piedmont Ave. San Jose, CA 
Join us every weekend for all your favorite farmers and local businesses and an impressive list of new favorites to enjoy.

Castro Farmers' Market – Opens 4/6/22 
Wednesdays, 3pm-7pm,  288 Noe Street, San Francisco, CA 
The Castro Farmers’ Market is the best place in the city to enjoy live music, delicious food, and an abundance of California agriculture in a lively setting to meet your neighbors!

Downtown San Leandro Farmers' Market - Opens 4/6/22 
Wednesdays, 3pm – 7pm, 300 Estudillo Ave, San Leandro Public Library Parking Lot 
The Downtown San Leandro Farmers’ Market has a new home, at the San Leandro Public Library! This move will allow us to bring back all your favorite farmers and offer room to invite many more to join us. The market is fun for the whole family, so we hope to see you there on opening day!

Dublin Farmers' Market - Opens 4/7/22 
Thursdays, 4pm – 8pm, Emerald Glen Community Park 
The Dublin Farmers returns to complement the summer music series hosted by the City of Dublin! Visit the market each week to engage with your community, rock out to amazing musical acts, share a delicious meal with your friends and family, and find the best produce in town! 

Downtown Los Altos Farmers' Market - Opens 4/21/22 
Thursdays, 4pm – 8pm, 3rd street & State Street 
We’re incredibly excited to return to the streets of Los Altos for our second year operating the market! All your favorite farmers and businesses are planning to return and we're adding some incredibly tasty new dinner options. A larger layout is giving us room to expand to bring even more fresh locally-grown produce right to the heart of the city! Connect with your neighbors and see all that Los Altos has to offer every Thursday night at the farmers’ market!

25th Avenue Farmers' Market - Opens 5/3/22 
Tuesdays, 3pm – 7pm, 194 W 25th Street, San Mateo, CA 
Visiting the 25th Avenue Farmers’ Market is like being invited to the best-kept secret in the city. Join us every Tuesday evening for an awesome spread of artisans, perfectly ripe local produce, hot food, and more! This market has everything you need and a sense of community unlike any other you’ll find in the area! 

Downtown San Jose Farmers' Market - Opens 5/4/22 
Wednesdays, 3pm – 7pm, 450 S 1st Street, San Jose, CA

Fairfield Farmers' Market - Opens 5/5/22 
Thursdays, 3pm – 7pm, 701 Jefferson Street 
The Fairfield Farmers’ Market is back and better than ever! In addition to the delicious hot and ready meals available and an incredible variety of local California produce filling the stalls, the return of the market means the return of the Fairfield Community Market hosted by the City of Fairfield. Shop for groceries, gifts, and incredible dining options, all available right in the heart of your city!

Japantown Farmers' Market - Opens 5/8/22
Sundays, 8am - 12pm, 357 E Taylor St, San Jose, CA

Concord Farmers' Market - Opens 6/2/22 
Thursdays, 4pm – 8pm, Todos Santos Plaza 
Thursday evenings in summer mean another chance for incredible locally-grown produce in the Todos Santos Plaza! Find an incredible variety of healthy and delicious produce to get you through the weekend. Shop amongst the sounds of the totally rocking Music and Market series hosted by the City of Concord. This tradition of incredible local produce, totally tasty food options, and absolutely awesome music has been thriving in Downtown Concord for over 30 years!