Save Market Match!

Posted March 05, 2024

What is happening? The Governor is proposing removing funds from the state budget that supports Market Match and that allow the state of California, through CDFA, to apply for federal funds for Market Match.

Who is it affecting? Market Match currently supports thousands of CalFresh recipients who can increase their purchases of fresh, nutritious, California-grown fruits and vegetables at over 200 farmers' markets statewide

How long do we have? We need to act now to tell the Governor and the state legislature to allow CDFA to apply for federal support for Market Match, using the funds already approved in the state budget as the required matching funds for the grant. We are not asking for any new funds. We are only asking that funds already approved in last year's budget be spent for their approved purpose.

What happens if we don't act? The Market Match program has funds to continue to operate through the end of 2024. If the funds are not approved for spending and CDFA does not seek federal support, the Market Match program will likely end on December 31, 2024. That means thousands of families who are enrolled in CalFresh will see a significant cut to their food budgets. 

What do we want people to do? We are asking farmers market customers to go to and fill out the "Write your Legislator" form which will send a message to the customers' state Senator and Assemblymember and Governor, asking them to allow the funds currently in the state budget to be used to support Market Match and to apply for federal support to sustain Market Match in 2025 and beyond.

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