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San Rafael , CA
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Laurent Le Barbier was born in Bretagne, France, where the delicious crepes that he makes originate from. Since he was a child, he's been making crepes for his friends, family, and now the entire Bay Area. He learned to make crepes at his grandmothers house when he was young and still living in the Northwest region of France.

Before turning his love of crepes into a catering and mobile business, Laurent worked at a restaurant with Carole, his wife, who was pregnant at the time. While strolling through the farmers' market one morning, trying to figure out how to make ends meet, he ran into a friend who had made his passion for crepes a business. Laurent was inspired to begin his own crepes catering business and has been running Brittany Crepes Catering since 2006 with his professional team of crepes chefs.

His favorite part of running his very own crepes business, something he has loved his entire life, is the art of creating crepes in front of everyone else's eyes and sharing the tradition of his people and country while using his skills.

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