Zoodles with Tomatoes & Herbs
00 HR 55 MINS
SERVES 3 to 4

This salad is easy and delicious as well as pretty to look at!

Curried Summer Squash Soup
01 HR 05 MINS

Curry adds a wonderful flavor when combined with summer squash. It's a mild and warming bowl of goodness!

yellow zukes
The weather is perfect for grilling fresh summer vegetables. Summer squash tops the list of easy-to-prepare and good-for-you summer fare. Grilled, sautéed, or baked, it’s all good! A very prolific...
Zucchini Breakfast Keto Muffin
01 HR 05 MINS

Delicious, quick, and tasty, you'll never know their keto!

Summer Squash Cake
01 HR 05 MINS
SERVES 6 to 8

A lovely soft cake, perfect for summer. Slightly sweet and filled with the goodness of summer squash.

Stuffed Summer Squash
01 HR 30 MINS

A light summer meal with lots of flavor and texture.

Curried Opo Squash
01 HR 15 MINS

Take an ordinary opo squash and turn it into an amazing curry in just a few short steps.

summer squash