From Farm to Market with Lujan Farms

Meet Jilma Lujan, owner of Lujan Farms. Located in Hughson, California, Lujan Farms has specialized in growing diverse seasonal fruits since 1998.  After moving to California from Mexico as a teenager, Jilma worked in the Monterey Canneries - it was during this time she met Lucio. The two quickly fell in love and decided to get married after only three months together! At the time, Lucio was working on a huge commercial grape farm - and when the opportunity presented itself to lease their own plot of farmland, Jilma and Lucio decided to use their collective knowledge and experience to start Lujan Farms. Today, Lujan Farms grows over 20 varieties of fruits, everything from grapes and apples to cherries and nectarines, which can be found at more than 15 farmers’ market locations around the Bay Area and beyond!