Dear Deb - February

Posted January 17, 2024

Dear Deb: Why do farmers come and go at my farmers’ market? Some weeks they are there, some weeks they’re not. Jesse, Concord, CA 

Jesse: There are many reasons why your favorite farmers are not at your farmers’ market on a certain week. Weather, car trouble, not enough produce, and other reasons factor in.

Nature's Calendar: Each season brings its own harvest, and farmers dance to this natural tune. A juicy tomato stand wouldn't be there in December, just like you wouldn't expect to find peaches in January. So, if you're craving something specific, remember its peak season and be patient for its return! Check out our “Taste of the Season” page to find when your favorite fruit or vegetable will be available. 

Weather Warriors: While our markets are "rain or shine," sometimes Mother Nature throws a curveball. Heavy rain might flood fields, making harvest impossible, while scorching heat can wilt delicate crops. In these cases, farmers might prioritize protecting their land and produce, ensuring they'll be back with their bounty when conditions improve. 

Harvest Hustle: Planting and harvesting seasons are a flurry of activity! During these crucial times, farmers might simply not have enough produce to share at the market. But fear not, they're likely gearing up for a bountiful return soon! 

Life's Unexpected Turns: Just like everyone else, farmers face life's challenges. Vehicle breakdowns, staffing issues, or even personal matters like illness or family celebrations can sometimes force them to miss a market day. Rest assured; they'll be back as soon as they've overcome these hurdles. 

Evolving Paths: Sometimes, a farmer's journey takes them in a new direction. They might expand their business, shift their focus, or even retire. While we say goodbye to these valued vendors, we also welcome new faces and the exciting diversity they bring. 

Remember: Our farmers are dedicated to sharing their fresh, local products with you. They value your support and strive to be at the market every week. When they're absent, know that it's usually due to circumstances beyond their control. We're always working to support them and encourage their participation. 

Tip: To be in the loop, check our website before heading to the market. It lists expected vendors for the week. But remember, life happens! So embrace the unexpected and enjoy the ever-changing tapestry of our market community. 

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