Rediscover Home Canning

Posted September 18, 2020

Are you finding it hard to keep busy while isolating at home during the age of COVID-19? With the ongoing pandemic, many people are learning how to bake, how to grow their own vegetables, how to repair their homes, and how to cook. Why not add home canning to your to-learn list?

Now is the perfect time to rediscover the fun and flavor of home canning because September at your farmers’ market offers the best of summer’s peaches, corn, peppers, and cucumbers while also giving you a glimpse of fall with apples, pears, Brussels sprouts, and more.

Your bulk purchases will greatly help your local farmers during this difficult time. With months of pandemic restrictions - and now threatened with wildfires and smoke - farmers are being hit hard on all sides. Local farmers’ markets are one of the few remaining outlets where farmers can sell their fruits and vegetables directly to consumers. All the purchases you make will help keep them farming and feeding their own families so please help your local farmers by visiting a nearby farmers’ market and purchase as much produce as you can. Local farmers are depending on you!

Pick up a book or two on home canning like the “Ball Blue Book,” a longtime favorite. We also recommend that you stick with reputable canning websites such or the National Center for Home Food Preservation at Another website for safe canning recipes is, where you’ll find safe and tested recipes. Consider joining a Facebook group that offers recipes and information for canners. Whichever way you decide to learn, be sure to learn how to preserve and can safely while self-isolating at home!