Priti and Ramavtar Singh Farm - Locally-grown Avocados at Their Best

Posted July 30, 2021

Tucked in the hills of Fremont, California is an agricultural hidden gem. As you probably know, our state is the country’s largest producer of avocados, but what you might not guess is that one of those producers is actually right here in our own backyard. While the majority of avocado farming takes place in Southern California in areas like Ventura and San Diego, doctors Priti and Ramavtar Singh had the idea to use their 12 residential acres in Fremont and try planting avocado trees. 

Inspired by their joint experience in the medical field, and Ram’s interest in farming, they wanted to grow a crop that was both unique and nutritious. Priti worked for more than 30 years as an ER doctor and an allergist, and her conviction that locally-grown produce can positively impact our health and quality of life, is a driving factor in their choice to invest in growing avocados. After being discouraged by other farmers, warning that avocados would not survive in the Northern California climate, Ram was even more determined to bring their ideas to fruition. 

Over a decade later, Singh Farm is growing more than 2,000 avocado trees! And it is truly a labor of love. Ram Singh likes to do everything himself, from tending to the plants to harvesting the fruit and even selling at the farmers’ market. Since first joining PCFMA farmers’ markets years ago, Singh Farm has developed a loyal following of customers in their local Irvington Farmers’ Market, and the friendly faces are what keeps their family inspired to continue providing their delicious superfoods to the community. “About 70-80% of our buyers are the same buyers, so we know them by name, they wave and say ‘How are you,’ and ‘Thank you,” Ram said, adding that the 4-5 hours he spends selling at the farmers’ market each week are his favorite part of the week. His passion for his community and connecting with his neighbors extends even beyond his own booth at the market. During his off-season, between the months of October to April, you can still find Ram at the farmer’s market, helping his fellow farmers behind their booths. 

With the excitement around avocados still on the rise, Priti and Ram Singh have met increasing customer demand by expanding into a few more PCFMA markets, but they still have never raised the price of their product. “It’s always been $2.50 for one avocado, and four for $10.” And, as you’ll see for yourself at the farmers’ market, one avocado from Ram and Priti’s farm is the size of two grocery store avocados and double the flavor! “I’ve never changed the price,” Ram concludes with a smile.

Learn more about the many ways to use avocados here and more on Lamb Hass and Bacon avocado varieties when we go Beyond The Market with Priti and Ramavtar Singh - coming soon to! 


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