Shopping Tips

When you come to the farmers’ market, you’re supporting your community and directly supporting the people who grow your food. Many of them get up at 5 a.m. or earlier, and drive miles to get their fresh-picked fruits and vegetables to you. They’re our heroes, but only a part of what makes the market a fun and safe place to visit. Here are a few things you can do to make sure everyone has a great time.



Have small bills and change

Every booth is owner operated. Some businesses accept credit cards while others are cash-only.

Depend on ATM/ credit cards

We’re happy to point you toward the nearest ATM, but it’s better to bring cash and save yourself the trek.


CalFresh/ EBT Welcome at all PCFMA markets!

Visit your markets’ PCFMA Info Booth for tokens and double your CalFresh food dollars up to $10.


BYOB (bring your own bags)

Keep your reusable bags in the car so you always have them handy. Wire cart? Use a box or liner to protect produce.

Bring your pet

Pets are part of the family, but public health codes say they need to stay home or somewhere safe outside our permitted Food Facilities.


Service animals welcome.


Be comfy

You look great in anything so dress for the weather and wear comfy shoes. You’ll walk a lot.


Like grocery stores, restaurants and other food establishments, farmers’ markets are smoke-free.


Ask questions

Your growers know the most about the food they’re selling. If they’re not too busy, take a couple minutes to chat about recipes and growing methods. When booths are busy, friendly smiles and patience go a long way.


Farmers work incredibly hard to bring you local food picked at the peak of freshness, and put a lot of thought into determining a fair price. Please respect our growers’ businesses and efforts.


Big box or large quantities? Politely ask for a bargain.


Seek imperfection

Most produce at the market is vine or tree ripened. It’s some of the best-tasting fruits and vegetables you can get, but often cosmetically challenged.

Squeeze the produce

Delicate, delicious and ready to eat, unsorted and field run produce bruises easily. Please use a gentle touch when making your selections.