Pacific Coast Farmers' Market

A great dish is only as great as the ingredients, so why not pair your delicious asparagus with a great cheese, grass-fed meats, and other spring veggies! Nolan Adams, Market Manager
Inner Sunset Farmers' Market
Sunday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

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Seasonal Highlight at the Market

"Meat-eaters rejoice! The farmers' market has the best grass-fed beef there is!"

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Come by San Mateo Farmers Market today and try some citrus! Our Washington navel oranges are featured! This event is happening rain or shine. See you there 😊🍊
Que cosa? 🥘? Si! @lolasspanishcuisine is now at the Concord Farmers Market on Tuesday! Paella, tortilla y mas! #pcfma #ole #paella #espana #asuu #querico #hotlunch #farmersmarket #norcal
Barbara Cecchini’s Beet Salad is a delicious root to stem salad! @bcecchini @firstgenerationfarmers #pcfma #roottostem #eatinseason #beets #beetsalad #eatitall #norcal #farmersmarket 

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
6 beets - 3 medium red and 3 medium gold
Fresh beet tops from the beets
Garlic salt or a fresh garlic clove
Freshly ground black pepper


Thoroughly wash beets and greens. Cut off beet tops and set aside to cook later. Cook beets in boiling water until a knife easily passes through the beets. With a slotted spoon remove beets from boiling water and set aside to cool.  Place beet tops in boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. Remove and set aside to cool.

When the beets are cool enough, remove outer layer. The skin will remove easily if you squeeze the beet slightly with your hand. Quarter and slice the beets into a serving bowl. Thoroughly drain the greens, and squeeze them a little to remove excess moisture. Chop the beet greens and place them with the beets. Season the salad with balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, garlic salt and fresh ground pepper and serve.

If you find yourself without garlic salt, pulverize one small clove of fresh garlic and mix with oil and vinegar to evenly distribute.
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We found the pot of gold! 🌈 🍊Cheers to a great week! #orangeyougladitsmonday #emma #pcfma 🍊: @lujanfarms #farmersmarket #eatinseason #monday #norcal #smile #haveaniceday #californiaoranges
Today’s forecast calls for seasonal superstar 🌟 CITRUS 🌟 showers throughout the day 🍊#pcfma #citrus #eatinseason #wintercitrus #norcal #sogood #eatitall #vitaminc #sunshine
We had a great time at the 2019 California Market Match Consortium Face-to-Face meeting this week in Oakland.
The @PCFMA finance team shared best practices related to financial tracking and scrip to help keep farmers markets and their @marketmatch programs financially secure. Thanks to the for putting on a fantastic event! #pcfma #marketmatch #farmersmarket #cdfa @cdfafarmtofork
We 💚 it! You’ve probably had sweet potato pie. Have you tried bean pie? What about carrot pie? 🥧 Ra’oofs San Jose Bean Pies are sooooo good. You can find Al and his tasty selection of bean, carrot and sweet potato pies in #sanjosecalifornia at our Evergreen Sunday and Santa Teresa Farmers Markets

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Farmers and Producers



Citysort descending Distance Name Products
Burlingame, CA Bay Area Bagels Baked Goods
Cambria, CA Stepladder Ranch + Creamery Cheeses
Camino, CA 139 mi Rainbow Orchards Apples, Blueberries
Carmel Valley, CA 139 mi Mountain Oaks Farm
Caruthers, CA 139 mi Triple Delight Blueberries Blueberries
Castro Valley, CA 139 mi World Class Kettle Korn
Castroville, CA 139 mi Lopez Organic Farm
Ceres, CA 139 mi Fontana Farms Almonds
Chico, CA 167 mi Beber, Inc.
Clayton, CA 167 mi Hanson Family Farms Lamb
Concord, CA 167 mi Pak Food
Concord, CA 167 mi Flatbread Queen inc. (Bolani)
Concord, CA 167 mi Alvarado Apiary
Concord, CA 167 mi Tasty Zombies
Concord, CA 167 mi MarElla Honey Bees
Concord, CA 167 mi Cocina mexicana
Cupertino, CA 167 mi Miaos cafe
Daly City, CA 167 mi Papi Chulo Salsa
Davis, CA 167 mi Shoup Avocados
Davis, CA 167 mi Upper Crust Baking
Davis., CA 167 mi Davis Bread & Desserts
Dinuba, CA 167 mi Castellanos Farms
Dinuba, CA 167 mi Twin Girls Farms Apricots, Cherries, Citrus, Jujubes
Discovery Bay, CA 167 mi Cecchini & Cecchini Asparagus
Dixon, CA 167 mi R Grand Garden Almonds, Cabbage, Melons, Tomatoes