Pacific Coast Farmers' Market

We're getting closer and closer to our seasonal opening day! See you March 13th! Mia Simmans, Market Manager
Castro Farmers' Market
Wednesday 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Mar 13 2019 - Nov 20 2019

Seasonal Highlight at the Market

"Delicious, economical, versatile, and nutritious, dry beans are a must in any pantry!"

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🎶 It’s gonna be a bright, sun shiny day🎵
Nothing makes us happier than a walk through the farmers market, finding goodies and heading home to share the sunshine 💚☀️ #farmersmarketfinds #pcfma #pcfmakindofday #eatinseason #wintercitrus #norcal #farmersmarket #farmersmarketfinds #saturday
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Nothing brought the feeling of home to Top Chef like the opportunity to plant, care for, and harvest our own gardens. Possessing and building the knowledge to cultivate your own food as a Chef gives you a great understanding of not only the work that goes into producing the amazing products we use on a daily basis, but helps you to build an understanding of the importance of sustainability in our industry and the world around us. As a chef I strive to be in an environment where I can take part in the production, utilization, protection, and most importantly the sustainability of the environment we live in. As a community we need to support local farms and farmers markets and do everything in our power to eliminate food waste, bringing the food we eat closer to home. We need to work harder everyday to eliminate pollution around our communities and promote sustainability to make our world a better place for future generations to thrive!
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WE 💚 BEANS! @iacopifarms beans are a #farmily favorite and locally grown in Half Moon Bay. You can find @iacopifarms year-round on Saturdays at our Pleasanton and College of San Mateo farmers markets.
This simple recipe let’s the flavor of the beans shine through 😋 #sogood

1 bag Iacopi Farms Italian butter beans
1 6-ounce can medium black olives, drained and sliced in half
4 stalks celery, chopped
1/3 small red onion, diced
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

To prepare beans:
Rinse butter beans under cold running water to remove surface dirt or dust.  Cover the beans in enough cold water so that when they rehydrate there is enough water for them to remain submerged. Soak overnight. Drain.

Place beans in a pot filled with cold water so that beans are covered by at least 3 inches. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to medium or medium-low so that beans continue a gentle boil. Cook about 50-60 minutes, tasting for desired tenderness. Drain and rinse with cold water. Let beans cool to room temperature.

To prepare the salad:
Place cooked beans, olives, celery, red onion, salt and pepper into a bowl. Drizzle with olive oil, adding enough oil so that all ingredients are lightly flavored. Add more or less olive oil depending on taste. 
This dish is best served at room temperature.

#farmersmarketfinds #beans #weloveit #pcfma #eatinseason #local #norcal #yum #halfmoonbay #bayarea #californiagrown
🌈 💚 Have a nice day 🌈💚 #pcfma #thursday #rainbow #haveaniceday
No filter needed this weekend at the farmers market 😍
🍅: @borbafamilyfarms #pcfma #norcal #eatinseason #farmersmarket #happy #cherrytomatoes #beauty #danvilleca #danvillefarmersmarket #winter
Our team is talking about what we 💚 this month. “Loving ain’t hard when you’re cooking with chard” says our graphic designer, Chris. Hot winter greens make a steamy winter soup to warm the ❤️. We sautéed shallots and garlic with olive oil and added turnip, carrots, red chard, cannellini beans, smoked paprika, salt and pepper with chicken broth. Yum!
What’s your favorite steamy winter soup? 🍲 #pcfma #soup #chard #farmersmarket #winter #norcal #vegetables #farmersmarketfinds #love
The Cara Cara 😍🍊Tastes as good as it looks! What’s your favorite type of citrus? #pcfma #citrus #eatinseason #norcal #caracara #caracaraoranges #sweet #farmersmarket #farmersmarketfinds
@pcfma is at at #ecofarm2019 😁 Board members Guy Allard, Shelly McMahon, Vidal Navarro and Director of Direct Marketing Ben Palazzolo are way too serious for this event 😉 #pcfma

Farmers and Producers


Currently no producers for this market

Citysort descending Distance Name Products
San Francisco, CA Fraternite Notre Dame
San Francisco, CA Hahdough
San Francisco, CA Nana Joes Granola
San Francisco, CA 14.7 mi Nucha
San Francisco, CA 14.7 mi Native Baking Company Baked Goods
San Francisco, CA 14.7 mi Crepe & Brioche
San Francisco, CA 14.7 mi Michael's CWD
San Francisco, CA 14.7 mi SconeWild Baked Goods
San Francisco, CA 14.7 mi Georgio Zografos
San Francisco, CA 14.7 mi Juicey Lucy's
San Francisco, CA 14.7 mi J. Carruthers Wholesale
San Jose, CA 14.7 mi Sweetdragon Baking Company Baked Goods
San Jose, CA 14.7 mi Whiskey Oak Seasonings
SAN JOSE, CA 14.7 mi Ra'oofs' San Jose Bean Pies Baked Goods
San Jose, CA 14.7 mi Delicia's Falafel
San Jose, CA 14.7 mi Falafel Fresh
San Jose, CA 14.7 mi Coastside Farms and Specialties
San Juan Bautista, CA 14.7 mi Phil Foster Ranch
San Juan Bautista, CA 14.7 mi Wise Goat Organics
San Juan Bautista, CA 14.7 mi Garcia Farms
San Juan Bautista, CA 14.7 mi Avila Farms
San Leandro, CA 14.7 mi Hidden Star Orchards Inc
San Leandro, CA 14.7 mi Hummus Heaven
San Leandro, CA 14.7 mi As Kneaded Bakery Baked Goods
San Martin, CA 14.7 mi Spade and Plow Organics Tomatoes