Certified Farmers’ Markets

What are California Certified Farmers’ Markets? Glad you asked. They’re places where farmers legally sell what they grow directly to the public. Some dirt on what makes our Certified Farmers’ Markets so special:

From the source

Get your food right from the California family farmers who planted, nurtured and harvested the crops! You’ll find fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, herbs, berries, eggs, flowers, nursery stock and honey.

Unique produce

Discover a more diverse selection of crops, including heirloom tomatoes, peaches and apples. They taste a lot better than many hybrid varieties preferred by major grocery retailers.

Certified (literally)

Only local governments, certified producers (farmers) and nonprofit organizations can operate Certified Farmers’ Markets. We have more than 50 markets throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and a county Agricultural Commissioner “certified” each for the sale of farm products.

Delicious extras

Food trucks and booths selling non-agricultural products like breads, pastries, sauces and prepared foods are in separate areas regulated by the Department of Environmental Health.

A place for community

Gather with your friends and neighbors for a chat and stroll, and feel more connected to your community. Many PCFMA markets have music, arts and crafts and other children’s activities that make visiting fun for all ages.

Great for the local economy

Family farms are the heart of California agriculture, creating employment and revenue opportunities within our rural Northern and Central California communities. Many of our smaller farmers only sell at farmers’ markets.

Better for the environment

When you eat local your food isn’t transported overseas or long-distances to the Bay Area via ship, road or rail. Look for Certified Organic permits on booths or ask the growers about their soil if you prefer organic produce. Many of our California farmers are at the forefront of the organic movement, protecting soil and water quality through the restricted use of chemicals.