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Smit Farms was established in 1969 by the Smit family and is located about 30 minutes east of Stockton, CA. John Smit emigrated from the Netherlands to Northern California in hopes of starting a dairy. In America, he met his bride, Clazien, also from the Netherlands and they established a dairy ranch. After primarily raising cows and corn John Smit soon got wind of a new apple that would be conducive to grow in the region - the Fuji apple. They proceeded to transform the property from pasture lands to rows and rows of fruit trees. The Smit Family continued to add a wide variety of apples, table grapes, cherries, stone fruit, blueberries, pomegranates and kiwifruits to their orchards.

Smit Farms is still run by family and plans on continuing to do so. The Smits are committed to sustainable farming practices that will allow the soils and those tilling them to coexist in the most natural environment possible. Most of our orchards have been certified organic by the CCOF and registered with the California Department of Food and Agriculture(CDFA) as organic.

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