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Vacaville , CA
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In addition to tamales we also make breakfast burritos and tacos de carnitas. Our family's involvement with Mexican food began with the Tamazula Tortilla Factory and since then we have expanded our business into local farmers' markets. The best part of owning our own business is seeing our customers' satisfied faces after tasting our tamales; we take it as a wonderful compliment!

Our family participates in two farmers' markets and we thrive off interacting with the local clientele. We love sharing childhood memories involving Mexican cuisine with our customers and filling their bellies with delicious, freshly made tamales. We're proud that our family tradition of making tamales has expanded into a business and beyond the Hispanic community.

We hope that one day our family's future generations will want to pursue the business, but we feel that as long as we pass on our love of cooking Fiesta del Sol will continue. Our motto says it best: In the making of tamales, you are not just making and sharing great food, you are creating lasting memories.

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