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The 650+ acre ranch where their pigs roam is located in the Coyote Valley of Middletown. It has over 100 acres of certified organic pastures and over 550 acres of oak forests. Encina means oak tree in Spanish. The oak, which produces acorns or bellotas in Spanish, is essential to the diet of the very finest Iberico pork. Thats why Alberto Solis and Helmut Drews chose to raise their pigs on acreage in California, on land thats blanketed by oak trees.

With their sole focus on this legendary breedand their commitment to the highest quality meat and environmentally friendly farmingthey can now offer California-raised Iberico pork to butchers, fine meat distributors, restaurants, chefs, and home cooks who appreciate its special attributes.

They are now also offering dry-aged grass-fed beef, free of hormones and antibiotics.

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