Dot's Baking Pantry

Fairfield , CA
  • Dots Baked Goods

Tina McKnight offers her own spin on her mother's and grandmother's traditional Southern recipes. Tina named her baking business after her mother, Dot, who was born in the South and was a skilled home baker. Dot never wrote down the specifics of her recipes, leaving Tina to experiment with ingredients until she got the formula right.

From working for an airline to opening her own bakery, Tina found what she loved to do. She enjoys pushing boundaries to create treats that shoppers cant find anywhere else. In addition to taking cues from her family recipes, the menu is often inspired by Tina's travels. She takes pride in sharing the stories that went into each pastry, cookie, or pies creation with her loyal market customers. And looking back at the journey that led her to Dot's Baking Pantry, Tina wouldn't have it any other way.

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