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San Francisco , CA
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37.7630997, -122.4800471

City Bees was established with four sustainable long-term goals: Assist threatened bee populations against recent health challenges, pollinate regionally by disseminating local bee populations, enhance lives by providing colony co-habitation in backyard gardens, and create unique and distinctive honeys. Its a positive experience for us to be nurturing nature and rewarding to create tasty nectar out of thin air, as it were.

To be a modern agriculturalist practicing an ancient art in a city as beautiful in San Francisco is a delight, and the joy and connected-ness that a hosting relationship brings to the hive sponsors, who watch the bees on a regular basis, is a great experience for us to witness. We attend two farmers markets and enjoy talking with our customers and the other producers about how to incorporate our honey with the varieties of fresh produce at the market. At City Bees we like to celebrate life, as do the bees, and taste their honey.

Highlights of this Season