Big House Beans

Pittsburg , CA
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LeAnn and John Krause carefully source and choose their coffee offerings to represent the uniqueness of each origin. Then they roast and blend based on two main philosophies: to preserve and highlight the natural characteristics of the original coffee bean and to ensure that a cup of Big House Beans coffee will always taste as good as it smells.

They lean towards medium-light roasts that bring out a smoother and sweeter taste experience. Finally, their retail bags are designed to preserve quality so that every cup you make consistently carries the same aromas and tastes from the first cup to the last cup.

Big House Beans Specialty Coffee Roasters not only sources and roasts the best coffees out there, but seeks to provide opportunities to anyone who has a vision for their future and a heart to work hard. They hire, mentor and teach skills to the "least desirable" yet hard working women and men.

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