San Mateo , CA
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Anne started baking out of her home in San Mateo under a cottage license because she missed the naturally-leavened bread and quality pastries she was used to back home in Germany. She would bake at home and hand-deliver the bread to a small community of folks who were just as in love with artisanal baked goods as she was.

From there Backhaus was born, and the need to scale production moved to a shared kitchen space "Kitchentown" in San Mateo. She began bringing baked goods to the San Mateo and Burlingame farmers markets.

With popularity growing and the support of the San Mateo community, she and her husband Robert, co-owner of Backhaus, embarked on the grand adventure of opening their own bakery in Downtown San Mateo, in the heart of the community that has always supported Backhaus.

Backhaus opened its doors in June of 2019. They have had the profound privilege of continuing to serve San Mateo and the greater Bay Area..

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