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San Leandro , California
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The family was born into farming. They always loved being outside with their parents working on the family dairy. They raised their children right in the heart of the farm, across the street from the milk barn and calf raising.

Blake went from being a top cowman to a soil enthusiast practicing regenerative techniques and measuring soil organic matter before it was cool.When the Key Note Speakers were doctors making a difference in people's lives by teaching them to go to the Farm instead of the Pharmacy for health, Stephanie became a nutrient density food momma for their kids and calves. They love how purposeful being an organic farmer is and their passion for soil and nutrient-dense foods continue to grow.

Alexandre Family Farm continues to be a source of community and great local foods in the region.

They are caretakers of the land, living on the farm, making a difference in the environment, providing the best foods. Organic permanent pasture is what we do best. Cool-season grasses and grazing of dairy cattle is a natural fit for the environment and from there get the milk, meat, and eggs.They understand the kinds of foods coming from regenerative organic animals always on green grassand wanted to provide it for their family and community.Alexandre Family 6% A2/A2 Organic Milk, butter, and Alexandre Kids eggs from organic pastured poultry are our products.

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