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Oakley , CA
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  • MarElla Honey Bees

They've been in the beekeeping business for over 40 years. Both grandfathers were beekeepers, his parents were beekeepers - and now he himself is a beekeeper.

And it is not just experience, it's deep knowledge of the craft as well, since he graduated from Beekeeping College in Kluczbork (Poland).

Ella's beekeeping adventure is somewhat shorter - it started just 7 years ago when she got stung by one of his bees!

They have a diverse area in the East Bay for their hives, everywhere from Brentwood and Antioch to Oakland and Richmond. This gives them a wide variety of flavors in their honey, pure and unadulterated - raw, unheated and unfiltered.

MarElla Honey Bees is focused on providing high-quality service. They have almost anything you can think of related to bees; honey, pure beeswax products, beekeeping supplies, swarms/colonies removal and tips for raising healthy bees and more.

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