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Freedom , CA
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We personally deliver this produce to farmers' markets, always in the peak of its freshness. Understanding the seasons and the bio-diversity that exists on the farm is a way for us to provide the best quality product. No two years will ever be the same on the farm so production has become more intuitive. The achievements and prolonged existence of the farm are directly due to the dedication and enthusiasm of the Happy Boy employees, some of whom have been with the farm since its beginnings, well over a decade ago. For us, waking up long before dawn and journeying the distance to bring you the freshest of the season is something that we look forward to and thoroughly enjoy. We like being part of the local communities in many different places. While our business depends upon market sales, growing great-tasting organic produce makes us truly happy. We hope to hand down our 300-acre farm to children someday, but for now, we're enjoying the land and what it can provide us and out customers.

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