Frog Hollow Farm, LLC

Brentwood , CA
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Head farmer Al started farming with 13 acres in 1977 and by 1984 chose to expand the farm with partner Sarah. Their focus has always been a quality product and in 1989 they realized that there was a better way to farm than just using traditional practices. They went organic and haven't looked back.

The rich soil and mild climate make it the perfect place to grow amazing fruit - specifically, stone fruit. They grow apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries, and pears, which are all allowed to ripen on the tree ensuring the best flavor. They also make a variety of processed products from their fruit, including jams, pastries, and dried fruit.

The farm has expanded to now provide food for their CSA, a farm stand, and a marketplace in San Francisco. They hope to continue sharing the benefits of organically-grown produce and sustainable farming practices with Bay Area communities.

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