More than 99% of the walnuts in U.S. are grown in California’s Central Valley. Internationally, California walnuts supply three-quarters of the world’s walnut trade.

Originally grown in Persia thousands of years ago and one of the oldest cultivated food trees, the earliest walnuts to enter California were known as “mission” walnuts. The English walnut is the most popular type in the United States and features a thinner shell that is easily broken with a nutcracker. The black walnut has thicker shells that are harder to crack and a much more pungent distinctive flavor. Walnut flavor is, in general, fairly mild, but it has a complexity that includes some tangy and sharp notes.

Walnuts are the only nut significantly high in omega-3. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acids critical to various body processes. They also contain magnesium and phosphorus.

For salads or snacking, walnuts are loaded with healthy omega-3, fiber, and flavor!

The Lowdown

  • Season
  • Select
    Purchase those in shell if possible. If shelled, look for fresh nuts, no mold or shriveling.
  • Store
    Keep walnuts in cool to cold storage. Place in refrigerator for best storage.

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